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A listening Friend

If you are upset and don’t know why try talking about your life to someone. Even if you aren’t aware on some discrepencies you may find that after awhile you are able to find some inner conflicts you are dealing with. Talk even if you don’t know why.

I’ve found that unsettled emotions can be disscussed and just by having a friend listen you can feel heard and come up with your own answers to the problems. Just hearing yourself express a situation out loud means that you can calm down a little. The experience of being truly heard can be a remarkable miracle. Read the rest of this entry



A coffee to keep up the momentum or just get started...

A coffee to keep up the momentum or just get started…
c 2012 Kelly Babcock

Once I get started with a task I can sometimes carry things through and complete tasks all morning. This is a phenomenon I would call the magic of momentum. It’s fun to see how you can just start to go through chores and complete projects with little effort. This is unlike the first thing on your list which took a lot of effort. Why does the first thing take so much effort. Is it because you will go through the transition of a relaxing state of mind to a more task -oriented get things done state of mind. Just how do we get that first task done. Read the rest of this entry

Is Beauty in the Eye of the Familiar

There have been studies done that the more we see people the more beautiful they appear to be. We also have a feeling of liking towards people the more we see them. This aspect of familiarity helps us to form social bonds and foster freindships. To see poeple a number of times through mere exposure helps us to simply think better of people.

We can relax if we don’t get a good first impression and wait until we’ve seen a person numerous times and then decide whether we’d like to get to have them as a friend. We will probably feel better about our friends when we have had a chance to make their introduction a number of times. This I am remembering from first year psychology and some of the studies we were told about at University of Waterloo. Read the rest of this entry

Choices Give Strength

Choose a good path on your journey.

Choose a good path on your journey.
c 2012 Kelly Babcock

There is something about making choices that bring out the sunshine for us people. To be in a situation that is difficult but to have choice in the details can bring about a feeling of well – being.

An example of this would be a person visiting hospital against their wishes. They are given a choice to see the doctor one,  in the morning or two,  in the afternoon. Another example would be they are given the choice to one, attend a medication group or two attend an occupational therapy group. By having some choice they are given the reins a little bit. This allows them to have some control. Read the rest of this entry

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Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.
c 2012 Kelly Babcock

We all have different make-ups yet there are certain things about us that are similar. I hope I can explore some of things that make us who we are and how we can use some of these hints at our make-up to further our potential and possibilities.

To start with we are people with similar needs at times. Social psychology looks at these needs and qualities and describes them and finds some science in our human nature.

Wouldn’t it be great to find out more about who you are. Isn’t it a treat to have some information about this kind of thing.

Until next time.


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