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A Positive Look at Resting, Sleeping and Dreaming

I think, we all could use a little guidance.

I think, we all could use a little guidance.

Yes that cozy, wonderful, deep, replenishing sleep, can be yours, for only letting go of worries and feeling the warmth of your own bed.

It seems that sleep is important to us. There are times when we can’t get enough and times when we get too much. You may find however that if you know a little more about your sleeping habits then your concious brain can work with your unconcious and vice versa to create a delightful sleep.

I once got a book out of the library on sleep. It helped me understand the cycles of sleep and to know just what my body was doing while I was lying there. One thing our bodies do while we sleep is to repair tissues and rejuvinate energies. Another thing we do is work through the processes of the day and prepare for the day to come. Often our dreams will help us with this. Read the rest of this entry


Notes on Discovering your Inner Self

When people are analyzed by a counselor they can start creating inner problems just because they are receiving attention in the role of a client. This can mean finding out they have problems and hang-ups that they never realized before. Is this person really uncovering problems are they just seeing things as difficulties that in reality and in a different light are really strengths, skills and ordinary qualities.

Don’t get me wrong I am quite a supporter of counseling and getting to know yourself better but on the other hand I don’t want you to see things are wrong when really you are good the way you are. This makes me think of peeling the layers of the onion and finding that under each layer there are new aspects of yourself. Don’t peel too many layers at one time but enjoy the layer you are uncovering instead of speeding through your layers. You may find that you learn enough from just a little bit of looking into your character. Read the rest of this entry

Observing the Worker


Nature flourishes in the wild, do we?

Nature flourishes in the wild, do we?
c 2012 Kelly Babcock

There are studies that show that just by observing a worker that person will do better at their tasks. Why is this? Could it be that we want to impress someone or are we just looking for an audience?

Rooming in a house with several others means often there are others present in the house. Does this help me complete my tasks? In the more optimistic circumstance we would all be doing better at our tasks because we would want to impress one another. We would excel in getting things done and become well-known for accomplishments, successes and work achieved. Read the rest of this entry

Are roles safe or captivating?

How is your identity defined by your roles?

How is your identity defined by your roles?
c 2012 Kelly Babcock

There are many types of roles in our society. Just to name a few there is mother, parent, supporter, client, wounded one, heroic one, rescuer, emotional one, worker, boss etc. These roles give definition to who we are. We become more of the role we are in. This is all fine and well if you enjoy playing a certain role but isn’t it freeing and interesting to notice that it is possible to break free and take on a different role.

Sometimes we can’t break free because we are so well-known in the role we are part of. We feel safe in this role and we are sure that there would be an uproar if we tried on a different hat. Try going from sun hat to motorbike hat. It can be a change in character to try out a different role. Maybe we grew up with the sun hat… so it is easier to play that part. We know what that part entails. On the other hand the part of motor bike helmet is a hat we are not sure of so we don’t know how to act and can easily fall back to the sun hat role.  It must be noted however their can be great freedom in trying on a new role that is wildly different form previous roles. Read the rest of this entry

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