Are roles safe or captivating?

How is your identity defined by your roles?

How is your identity defined by your roles?
c 2012 Kelly Babcock

There are many types of roles in our society. Just to name a few there is mother, parent, supporter, client, wounded one, heroic one, rescuer, emotional one, worker, boss etc. These roles give definition to who we are. We become more of the role we are in. This is all fine and well if you enjoy playing a certain role but isn’t it freeing and interesting to notice that it is possible to break free and take on a different role.

Sometimes we can’t break free because we are so well-known in the role we are part of. We feel safe in this role and we are sure that there would be an uproar if we tried on a different hat. Try going from sun hat to motorbike hat. It can be a change in character to try out a different role. Maybe we grew up with the sun hat… so it is easier to play that part. We know what that part entails. On the other hand the part of motor bike helmet is a hat we are not sure of so we don’t know how to act and can easily fall back to the sun hat role.  It must be noted however their can be great freedom in trying on a new role that is wildly different form previous roles.

Perhaps if family and friends were to expand on their own definition of what a role entails there would be more freedom within that role and therefore possibilities for exploration and happiness. Our identities can be bigger and encompass more aspects of the life we would like to lead. Perhaps that’s better than all of us switching roles so quickly.

At times roles evolve into newer roles. A parent becomes a grandparent. A worker becomes an employer. These changes follow the natural evolution found in our societies. We don’t tend to have as much trouble with these changes. On the other hand a change from married to single could be a little harder to take. The identity change is quite a lot bigger.

If you have trouble with being stuck in a role or if you have changed roles too fast you are not alone. Maybe if we just allow for variety there will be more of a chance for success. As the old saying goes, variety is the spice of life you know. Don’t let your role captivate you. Allow yourself the freedom to explore!


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  1. Melanie this is very thought provoking as well as inspiring. Well presented. Thank you.

    • Nice to here from you mom. It is great to express my thoughts and feelings in writing and I am glad you are part of the audience. Thanks for your appreciative feedback. I hope you keep enjoying my writing,

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