A Positive Look at Resting, Sleeping and Dreaming

I think, we all could use a little guidance.

I think, we all could use a little guidance.

Yes that cozy, wonderful, deep, replenishing sleep, can be yours, for only letting go of worries and feeling the warmth of your own bed.

It seems that sleep is important to us. There are times when we can’t get enough and times when we get too much. You may find however that if you know a little more about your sleeping habits then your concious brain can work with your unconcious and vice versa to create a delightful sleep.

I once got a book out of the library on sleep. It helped me understand the cycles of sleep and to know just what my body was doing while I was lying there. One thing our bodies do while we sleep is to repair tissues and rejuvinate energies. Another thing we do is work through the processes of the day and prepare for the day to come. Often our dreams will help us with this.

One magical thing someone told me one time is that just before you fall asleep you can ask a question and think about it until you fall asleep and during the night in your dreams you will dream about the answer. This kind of magical dreaming is just the kind I like. If you want to give it a try, remember that dreams speak in metaphor and symbols so it’s a bit of a puzzle when you find the answer to your question. All the more fun I think!

I worked witht the same dream for about six months off and on in my journaling and reflecting. I learned a lot from that dream and enjoyed the things I was learning and how this particular dream was also protecting me. When I first had the dream I sent it to a dream reader and she especiallly emphasized that we often play each part in a dream. What a powerful excercise in revealing more about myself.

At any rate dreams and sleep and rest time are an important part of who we are. When we have enough rest the world around us looks that much better. I hope you see the flowers and look at the sky and find the tall trees and discover the rocks by the water. Maybe someday you’ll rest on a hammock by the shade of a favourite tree. Conflicts may dissapear and anxieties may diminish. Taking up the art of resting well is a worthwhile endeavour. Sweet dreams!


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It is my pleasure to welcome you to my Blog! My name is Melanie and my nic-name Snowflake as you may already know. I'm excited to share some of my ideas and writings with you. It's interesting how psychological concepts can make things a little clearer. I have a psychology degree from the University of Waterloo. It is my hope that I can share some knowledge with you. Some of my hobbies include playing piano, guitar, drawing and more recently beading. It also really interesting to recieve comments from the amazing people who read my Blog. I hope if you feel inclined that you will tell me a bit about yourself. I would like to think that some special time spent off the net is also important for you or me. In this time you could sing or dance or just sit with a book. In the mean-time it's nice to have met you because there is some quality time spent on the net. I hope you have had time to look at your favourite song or look up your favourite author. My favorite song is True Colour by Cyndi Lauper and my favourite author is Gretchin Rubin. I feel gratitude that I can write this Blog. I hope you come back and see what new Blog is here over time. In the mean time have a great day and stay you!

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  1. Nice article, and I have an idea about your problem solving dreaming idea – based on some research that was done not long ago showing that difficult problems can be solved more easily after sleeping rather than just trying repeatedly to solve them. This article talks about it in more details:

    • Ethan, Thanks so much for the feedback. Interesting to see some research. I like how that research showed: abilities in problem solving, show the support we have in our real lives from our dreaming. I think dreaming can do a whole lot more too. Thanks for your interest!

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