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After Forgiveness


Let The Feelings Go.

Let the feelings go Р© 2012 Kelly Babcock

I read an unusual idea lately from an author I frequently read named SARK. She said something about that if she forgives her mother then what will she do with all of her time? This is interesting because once we forgive people we no longer negotiate with them in our minds. We no longer hold bad moods in their name. We no longer put them down in front of others and we no longer criticize them. Once we forgive people that’s all. We just live and let live.

So what happens after forgiveness. I often assume that the bond gets closer but maybe that’s where things might stay the same but the negative feelings are less and grudges are no longer held. At this point their is extra time and space. This would make many people happy. It would give more possibilities of a life lived well.

So just what is a life lived well… what happens when we no longer complain about people? A variety of things could happen like good experiences, good relationships and good education. These all aren’t good unless we put effort into these aspects of our lives. We can plan, reflect, learn communication skill, learn to increase our love and we can read, read and read. We can apply what we learn to our lives and can find that we can live with more honesty, depth and compassion. If we’re not held back by non-forgiveness we can grow.

What a beautiful and important part of the human existance is the concept of growth. We learn from our past and we use this knowledge in our present and in planning for our future. We no longer make the same mistakes… we go past our previous limitations and we find that some of the waters are smooth and meant for us to sail in. Read the rest of this entry


What Forgiveness Can Mean

Every little social faux pas... forgive again and again!

Every little social faux pas…forgive again and again!

Sometimes it’s the right time to forgive. It’s time to put aside grudges, let go of expectations and feel your heart beating wildly when you hear the word forgive. I believe we have like an in-box category of items to forgive and as it starts to fill up we feel more angry or afraid or hurt. If we regularly take a look at that in-box category we can keep the items down in number thereby leaving more room to live our lives with positive emotions, feelings and a sense of trust.

Forgiveness can help us with our health and lead others to try and forgive as well. If we forgive the little things then it becomes easier to forgive the bigger things. Forgiving can lead to greater feelings of love. With abilities to love in a variety of ways we are showing eachother that we deserve attention and kindness and that we care about one another.

Forgiveness helps us with our health because in areas of our body we carry with us the hurt and pain from previous interactions. Once we are able to forgive and see that people are just human and that we push people’s buttons and they push ours. We make mistakes and so do others and we all have our own opinions. Once we see that people are just doing the best at the place where they are then we know that even our bodies loosen up and we can feel healthier and¬†happier and more willing to be kind, friendly and gentle.

Once we have forgiven we can spend time thinking about other things. It is important to ponder what happens after forgiveness. We can see some aspects of people that was covered by our hurt or anger and we can see the ways that people are so interesting, vulnerable and human. We can experiment with our love and the way it affects different people in a variety of ways. We can feel loved and happy for the good ways we are treated. I’m sure there is much more we can do once we have forgiven but that’s up to you and me to think of after we have let go of our angers and hurts and feel the grace of forgiveness.

Always Wanting More…

Is it true that people continually strive for more. More money, more enjoyment, more friendships, more work and best of all more talents. Are people ever satisfied that what they have is enough. Are they ever at peace with where they are in their journey in life?

I remember reading in one of my psychology classes that this concept is actually a trait that keeps us as humans evolving. We always want more and in this way are often motivated to get to greater knowledge, achievements and successes. Could it be actually a natural in-born characteristic to want more out of life? Read the rest of this entry

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