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Intelligence Recognized


We are social creatures like penguins.

People are social creatures like penguins.

When I meet someone new sometimes I want them to know that my brain functions a little different from normal, in this day and age, you could almost say who’s doesn’t. But for me it’s a little more serious and it affects my life a little more.

A good friend was telling me about the following similar phenomenon that I had also encountered. After I tell a person about some mental health symptoms I have, both good and bad, it’s so nice to then be asked about my psychology degree, or my years working in organic restaurants, or about the books I have published. I suppose this shows us that we are recognized for the intelligence we have and not just the difficulties we face. I am happy to say that many people have done this with me. It is so pleasing to have a complex conversations about opinions, perspectives and planning for the future. Read the rest of this entry


Getting Older

The road is a journey

The road is a journey – © 2012 Kelly Babcock

Is getting older the same as growing up. I think everyone gets older but who really grows up? Growing up would have to do with maturing, understanding, forgiving and maybe getting wiser. Getting older on the other hand might mean getting wrinkles, sore knees, a persistent cough and a feeling of having lived some of the best times.

Whether I am growing older or growing up I hope I can accept life as it affects me. I mean I hope that I can role with the signs of aging. Going with the flow is a lot healthier than fighting this natural progression. Read the rest of this entry

Getting Those Schizo Symptoms Under Control

There is the phenomenon of imagination and then with exaggeration you can come up with some wonderful stories and thoughts. Just what happens when these imaginings get ahead of you and you are in a whole big plot of spies and paranoia? Just what happens when the exaggerations makes your problems spin over and over in your head until even friends seem like enemies? Just what happens when your wonderful stories take on a life of their own and the characters start talking and the story seems bigger than you?

All of these schizo symptoms sadly have happened to me and friends of mine. There is hope though. They can be stopped with some good humour, a little change in perspective and smart use of metaphors. Read the rest of this entry

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