Often, The Less Medication The Better

Sunny days are here.

Sunny days are here.

Although we often don’t have the choice of whether to take a medication or not, we might have the choice as to how much and how often. It is my experience that my body works better if I am not overly sedated. This means that I take a low dose of medication and do other things like walking, creative writing and eating  healthy fruits to keep my body from slowing down too much.

Staying in control

At times we are given a choice about medication. It is good when this happens. A person, then is in control of what goes into their own body, and might feel more empowered because of this.

When a choice is given especially with PRN’s (medication taken only when needed) then I encourage people to excercise their rights to say ‘NO!’. I hope people recognize that it really is okay to say ‘NO’ to medication then you can ask for other tools to get symptoms under control. You may be able to access a whole bunch of beneficial activities.

What are coping tools

Some tools I personally use for my mental health is counting down from ten to one, writing a list of the annoyances and ripping up old papers. Also helpful is  listening to music that helps share emotions. Writing to people like you about the things I do know about mental health is satisfying and meets the problem right in the face.

What are your tools. Do you call a friend? Call a help line? Do some art-work? It is good for people to do the activities that stressful symptoms make us do. It is then that we work through the disturbances and reach a more peaceful feeling of being.

Feel Empowerment

So when offered a drug to calm down, just ask for some help to think of an activity that might help instead. Sure I know sometimes the drug seems like the easier choice. Some people will choose the medication and that’s okay but remember your own empowerment and at least feel that you have options. I know I am personally glad when I can take the natural route to feeling good again!

About friendofsnowflake

It is my pleasure to welcome you to my Blog! My name is Melanie and my nic-name Snowflake as you may already know. I'm excited to share some of my ideas and writings with you. It's interesting how psychological concepts can make things a little clearer. I have a psychology degree from the University of Waterloo. It is my hope that I can share some knowledge with you. Some of my hobbies include playing piano, guitar, drawing and more recently beading. It also really interesting to recieve comments from the amazing people who read my Blog. I hope if you feel inclined that you will tell me a bit about yourself. I would like to think that some special time spent off the net is also important for you or me. In this time you could sing or dance or just sit with a book. In the mean-time it's nice to have met you because there is some quality time spent on the net. I hope you have had time to look at your favourite song or look up your favourite author. My favorite song is True Colour by Cyndi Lauper and my favourite author is Gretchin Rubin. I feel gratitude that I can write this Blog. I hope you come back and see what new Blog is here over time. In the mean time have a great day and stay you!

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