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New Year’s Resolutions – Part 1

Keep practicing and meet the goal of learning ten new songs.

I think I can. I think I can. Practice makes perfect.

Directions for living your life more successfully in this New Year are important. The map to get to where you want to go this new year may include making some very essential resolutions that assist you with knowing how you want to improve your life. Whether it’s exercise or healthy eating you want to focus on – resolutions could lead to increased happiness, to more accomplishments and to greater success.  Knowing how you want to change things for the better is something that only you know as your life is original.  What resolutions will you make?

After making resolutions we can attain them by following through. As coaches will tell you it’s the follow through that matters. Give yourself enough time to do this and make the resolutions fairly simple and easy to achieve. Making a goal to drink more water is not futile. Drinking more water can enhance your health and may affect your performance in achieving other goals, yet it is simple and straight forward.   You may feel that picking such an easy goal is cheating but it is more like ‘being realistic with your vision.’ Read the rest of this entry


Is a change as good as a rest?

037aSome say a change is as good as a rest. After some exploration, I will share my own opinion as to whether there remains truth in this old adage at Christmas.

A change in Pace

Christmas is a great example of a time of change. It is a time when some people are off work. Groups and meetings are cancelled. During the holidays the pace of life changes.

People are out and about getting ready for Christmas. People that don’t celebrate Christmas will prepare for their own celebrations and rituals. Eventually the feasts and gift giving will take people’s attention at this festive time.  Is this better than a rest? Read the rest of this entry

Whether tis better to Accept or Deny Mental IIlness


Acceptance can show the way

To accept an ill state of mental health is a difficult thing to do. First of all who wants to lose. I mean, who wants to be the one with the short straw. Don’t pick on me! Don’t call me the sickest!

The Grief Cycle

Acceptance doesn’t mean believing less of ourselves but it does mean being honest and logical about the situation we are in. I think other stages in handling grief are important in coping with illnesses. This involves anger, bartering, depression and yes finally acceptance and then going on to teach others. These stages educate  us by forcing us to use tools so we can gain strength. Acceptance on the other hand is more of a stabilizing part of the cycle. We can stay in this place for longer. Through using skills learned from the grief process we can come to a place of homoeostasis in our acceptance. Read the rest of this entry

Is it time to let go again? Part II

Letting Go ...

Letting Go …

In part I, we discussed letting go of negativity while embracing more positive energy. A number of tools were discussed that help me and could inspire others. It’s good to be aware of your own tools for raising positivity.

Qualities and Skills We Share

Letting go of what doesn’t work encompasses some forgiveness work. Most of all, I must forgive myself for having things not turn out exactly as I wanted. This requires flexibility. There are many positive outcomes to forgiveness when we are flexible. Once we let go and forgive we can be influenced by the great qualities our friends have cultivated in themselves. A person can inspire with the qualities they share.

A friend talks about comfort with herself. After I talk with her I sense a feeling of comfort too. Another friend uses flexibility in a skillful way. I feel a sense of possibility. Yet another friend uses consistency. I am motivated by this. Forgiveness has opened my heart in my friendships. Read the rest of this entry

Is it time to let go again? Part I

There has been a lot of talk about letting go. Talk of  letting go of emotion stirred up through difficult interaction. When we let go of the activities that don’t pan out we can feel stronger, yet it can be difficult to let go of friends who we have grown apart from.

What does letting go mean for the person who is a mental health survivor?

To me it means I let go of the negative talk, the aggressive talk, the demeaning talk I have heard. It means the things I’m letting go of are like the landscape I drive through and see pass by the car as I go on to my destination. I too, will try to let yesterdays negativity go by, like the gobbledy gook it is, and I will come to this next day with a fresh face. But, does this mean my fresh face has to deal with more negativity, aggression and shaming. I hope not. At this point, hope is not all I can do. I can talk things over with people, I can use one of my coping skills, I can do some writing. This involves trusting those things I do to keeping my energies higher and this includes highlights in my hair, invigorating massages, and relaxing arometherapy and in another light helping others and doing chores. Read the rest of this entry

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