New Year’s Resolutions – Part 1

Keep practicing and meet the goal of learning ten new songs.

I think I can. I think I can. Practice makes perfect.

Directions for living your life more successfully in this New Year are important. The map to get to where you want to go this new year may include making some very essential resolutions that assist you with knowing how you want to improve your life. Whether it’s exercise or healthy eating you want to focus on – resolutions could lead to increased happiness, to more accomplishments and to greater success.  Knowing how you want to change things for the better is something that only you know as your life is original.  What resolutions will you make?

After making resolutions we can attain them by following through. As coaches will tell you it’s the follow through that matters. Give yourself enough time to do this and make the resolutions fairly simple and easy to achieve. Making a goal to drink more water is not futile. Drinking more water can enhance your health and may affect your performance in achieving other goals, yet it is simple and straight forward.   You may feel that picking such an easy goal is cheating but it is more like ‘being realistic with your vision.’

If you feel up to it, making more complex goals like taking a college course might be something you want to do. This kind of goal is definitive. It is concrete and we can see that finishing the course would complete the goal.

When you achieve your resolution give yourself a reward. Every time I practiced piano I gave myself a licorice to celebrate the accomplishment. Not only did I continue playing piano but I enjoyed the reward for the hard work of learning complex pieces of music.

Rework your resolution if it’s not working for you. I had a goal to go to the gym three times a week but that didn’t happen so I looked at it realistically and changed my goal to two gym visits a week. I could reach this goal much easier and could keep up with this routine for longer.

Tell people what you want from them in terms of support for you as you try to reach your resolution in the New Year. If you want someone to encourage you let them know. If you want someone to trouble shoot with you let them know. Finally, if you want someone to listen to your oranges and lemons (successes and complaints) let them know. People can’t read minds, at least not the details, so do communicate and let them know how they can help. Most people would be glad to be involved and assist you in reaching your goals.

Think about making new goals later in the year after you’ve celebrated achieving your New Year’s resolutions. Don’t wait a whole year to make new goals. A few months into the year see if you are ready to make some new goals that you can work towards. People like to strive towards an accomplishment. It gives them a sense of purpose. Give yourself something to work towards.

If you really like making resolutions and enjoy the effort it takes to reach them then perhaps it is time to buy a book on goal setting. Making some long-term goals and some short-term goals can lead you to outcomes that you have only dreamed of. But don’t let it just be a dream, move it into real life and make it real. Even a taste of success can feel like a wonderful dream come true! Do you feel courageous enough to: play that new musical instrument, host that complicated dinner party or perform that difficult monologue? It’s up to you. The magic is in the goal setting. Will you take a chance?

New Year’s Resolutions – Part 2 will be published next Monday. At that time we will have fun further exploring the theme surrounding making new resolutions at this time of year.

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It is my pleasure to welcome you to my Blog! My name is Melanie and my nic-name Snowflake as you may already know. I'm excited to share some of my ideas and writings with you. It's interesting how psychological concepts can make things a little clearer. I have a psychology degree from the University of Waterloo. It is my hope that I can share some knowledge with you. Some of my hobbies include playing piano, guitar, drawing and more recently beading. It also really interesting to recieve comments from the amazing people who read my Blog. I hope if you feel inclined that you will tell me a bit about yourself. I would like to think that some special time spent off the net is also important for you or me. In this time you could sing or dance or just sit with a book. In the mean-time it's nice to have met you because there is some quality time spent on the net. I hope you have had time to look at your favourite song or look up your favourite author. My favorite song is True Colour by Cyndi Lauper and my favourite author is Gretchin Rubin. I feel gratitude that I can write this Blog. I hope you come back and see what new Blog is here over time. In the mean time have a great day and stay you!

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  1. I like your approach to resolutions very much. Well written too. I especially like your examples and the suggestion to return to reassess in a couple of months. Looking forward to part 2 next week.

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