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Feel the Connection – Youth and Adults Part II

Remember the silver lining.

Remember the silver lining.

This is Part II of a blog regarding a Canadian Mental Health Association program called, Lets Talk, which I worked on with coordinator Jackie Ralph in the high schools. We attempted to educate about mental health. We taught about ways to meet stress face to face by embracing relaxation and rejuvenation.

In part I, I displayed the reasons for such a program. I further discussed some of the reasons that teens feel extra stress. These reasons for their stress touched my heart and made me realize that young people care a great deal!

In part II, I share more of my personal involvement with the program. Read the rest of this entry


Feel the Connection – Youth and Adults Part I

We are social creatures like penguins.

People and penguins… youth and adults?

This is Part I of a blog about a program that I worked on with teenagers a couple years ago. It would be a waste to not share what knowledge we gained. In this part you will discover why we created the program. You will also learn some of the things we accomplished with our talks. The intriguing information of what makes some of our teenagers moody and sad is revealed. It’s not easy to work with teens but they are important people that, as you will see, can express themselves if given a chance.

Differences Between Adults and Teens

As an adult I have my own style of living that youth aren’t likely to have due to societal norms for each age group. There are also of course school rules and parental guidelines. Youth, however, are better at some things. Youth are good at creating, important tight friendships and neat social circles that aren’t part of my adult experience. Youth are trying to have their voices heard, and yet fit in at the same time.

Friendships in the teenage stage are important but even  friends have problems, and they need a shoulder to lean on. This is a song that friends of mine, arm and arm sang together when we were teenagers, “Lean on me, when you’re not strong, And I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on.” by Mr. Bill Withers. Where can people nowadays find that shoulder to lean on, but more importantly where can youth find people to lighten their burdens?

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You Can Lead a Horse To Water…


After all, we all need water, don’t we?

Receiving Help Is The First Step!

There is a popular saying that goes “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.” My interpretation of this is that you can provide someone with what they need but you can’t make them benefit from it unless they agree or accept the help.There are many styles of helping people.  The first step is to provide people with what they need and that is just one approach. For people with mental illness this may mean being given access to a counselor, a self-help book or an exercise opportunity. Read the rest of this entry

New Year’s Resolutions – Part 2

©2010 Kelly Babcock

Celebrate the dance towards your goal
©2010 Kelly Babcock

In part 1 we discussed concepts that are fairly common for making successful resolutions. Some ideas were unique and may have caught your attention. In Part 2 we get deeper, bolder and smarter while still examining how resolutions are reached.

One Step closer

Resolutions affect us all in different ways. For some people, they come from a talk at a festive New years party, while for others, they are the focus on making some serious changes for the New Year. Don’t give up. We’ve just finished the first week of 2013. You’ve thought of a couple new resolutions or you have actually started following through. Push up your sleeves and tighten your shoe laces, it’s time to explore more about this phenomenon of achieving resolutions. Read the rest of this entry

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