Tips for the Adult/Teen Relationship?

Remember the silver lining.

Sunny days are here.

I have talked about teens before in my blog. I have wanted to inspire them to take part in things that are meaningful. I have encouraged adults to take an interest in teens.

I have talked about my interesting times with a program called Let’s Talk where I was lead volunteer and went into classrooms with a C.M.H.A delegate. We tried to promote good coping skills to enhance mental health.

Further back than that I developed a week long leadership residential program for teens at Presqu’ile Camp. I also developed a program with the Parks and Recreation daycamps for a teen training experience that readies them for later work with children. These experiences give me insight into the teen condition.

What are the natural tasks in the ‘teen stage’ of development?

Today I want to discuss the relationship between teen and adult. In the years of teenage growth there is a  process at work that individuates the young people and helps them to gain the independence they need from their parents. Part of this process is  to naturally be embarassed of parents and to not agree with some of the restrictions, opinions and ideas of parents. This helps the teen to develope their own perspective on life as well as their own understanding of life.  The teen can try different hobbies & clubs, and develope talents that further enhance their individuation and sense of identity that is different from their parents.

How do young people deal with the media?

Teenagers seem to need friends who share their likes and dislikes with the media. They need to feel the connection with the world around them through eachother. Although the society doesn’t cater to teens some of the entertainment does. It is a vast and rich world where teenagers can access a variety of performers. The passion of this type of entertainment leads teens to mirror what they see and show their own talents. Can adults be involved in this somewhat teen exclusive world?

How can adults give guidance?

Adults can first of all show an interest in the teenagers they know. They can listen. Some teenagers would love a good listener. Another thing adults can do is play a sport, game or instrument with youth. Doing something together even once in a while can mean a lot.

Giving teens choices may enhance self esteem and give a feeling of control in one’s life. With many things organized as part of a young persons life it is important when they can make their own decisions. This may be something they are just learning. Even talking about how to make a good decision can be beneficial. 

What do adults learn from teens?

The following are some unique ideas for middle aged people. Adults should be given the chance to belong to clubs, teams and music groups too. It would be neat to see adults trying out for sports and  theater. An adult could organize a hat day for the community.

Adults have different opportunites than teens do. Think back to your teen years and remember something you were proud to be part of. Is it too late to do something like that again? The teenage years are something we can learn from!

Teens could teach us other things too.  They could remind us of our need for close friendships. They could remind us that it is important to continue reading about our favourite school subject. They could even show us when we need to set things aside and skip a meeting. We can, instead, enjoy a coffee with a friend.

There is a lot more to discuss regarding the teen adult relationship, but for now, the rest is up to you. Doing some of the activities that teens do may help us to relate better to them. When is the last time you skipped school, cheered for your school team, completed a fitness test?


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