The Stars Are Looking Down From the Heavens

Looking to the heavens ...

Looking to the heavens …

Does it seem like Heaven has forgotten you? You may be on a schedule of morning, noon and night activities that go on and on. You may instead be doing things differently and are scattered about. Another possibility is that you are sleeping a lot. In all of these situations it is difficult to see the bigger picture. Most of us can expand our journeys, dreams and adventures by looking up at the stars.

Looking up at the stars

The great thing is every time you look up at the stars the view is different. I don’t feel comfortable looking at the stars for very long and I don’t know why this is, except that, I love it and then quickly feel a feeling of overwhelm. Still, I like getting a chance to see the different night skies. There is so much life out there we just haven’t met yet and maybe it’s not even born yet.

There is much music up there in the Heavens. It is like Enya and Phil Collins and Sinead O’connor all mixed together… with harmonies we can’t think of on earth. Music is so special and it gives us glimpses into other peoples hearts and spirits. It brings us to places of peace and love.

The goodness can reach us

Can we be in touch with the Heavens while we are on earth? I think we can. It’s a matter of reaching out to the things you love and dream about. It’s about contributing while you can. It’s about mothering the little ones… It’s about reaching out. Maybe heaven is closer than we think.

Looking up at the stars is one way for me to get a good feeling about the bigger picture. I encourage any of you that have a disability to get out for five minutes a night and look up at that vast universe that is above us. With the support of the stars you may be able to overcome obstacles and rise above circumstances in ways you didn’t feel were possible before.

Jupiter is amazing

A special star I like to think of is Jupiter. I like to think we have a connection and that this star gives me some of my super duper ‘get things done’ energy at times. It’s nice to think that Jupiter can encourage and praise the projects I take part in. It makes things a little more exciting when you have a star behind you.

I really like the idea of stars having families or friends and that they often appear in clusters. I like seeing the clusters in pictures. I imagine the stars send light back and forth between themselves to love one another.

My experience with stars

Wishing on a star is something that I do once in a blue moon. I used to make wishes that didn’t have much hope of coming true. Now I try and work with the flow of the stars and make wishes that are closer to my heart and can happen in my reality. This makes me feel good when they come true.

At camp we used to lay out under the stars. We were cold and fighting mosquitoes and we were singing and telling jokes and stories and we comforted one another. It was wonderful, it really was. That’s when a friend taught me how to make spuds in the fire…. That’s when we talked about special moments… that’s when we saw falling stars …

You can benefit from looking at the sky

Good luck with your own star watching whether small, or immense. From opening your eyes or looking through a telescope, from looking at stars on the computer or seeing your very own friendly stars out the window, “Catch a falling star, put it in your pocket, never let it fade away.” (Perry Como)

Can you make a wish on a star this summer?


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