The 100 Mile Vacation

The road is a journey

The road is a journey

After the big success of the 100 mile diet concept, I thought that it might be nice to explore the possibility of the 100 mile vacation.

People are stressed and needing a vacation. People are busy and needing to slow down. People are dealing with illnesses and need a change of scene. Now, what better way to have a successful vacation than to have one close to home.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

It would be an environmental choice. You would use less gas, less jet fuel and less travel wear and tear on you and your vehicle. This is really important because travelling really does use a lot of the earth’s resources. Unless there are ways to give back to the earth this might be a decadent time period. We may have to set limits on our travelling or the limits will be naturally set by using up the resources needed for travel.

Learn about the place you live in

Secondly, vacations could be a time for valuing nature. People could find out things about the area they live in that they do not know. They could gain information and ideas about the earth close to their homes. They could become knowledgeable and experience the habitats, wetlands, wild-flowers, birds and animals. This could help them feel they have a meaningful interaction with the vast richness of nature in the area where they live. How sad to miss the beauty that’s right in front of our eyes. If more people could only see it?

Take a holiday more often

Thirdly, it could be easier to return to the places we visit. Maybe we could even return by bus, bicycle or by hiking. We could see how things are progressing. It would also be easier to develop a relationship with people and nature at the places where we take holidays because we would visit them more often. We could ask that our voices be heard in preserving natural areas. Preservation of nature is a top priority for some of us. The more people that can have an outdoor experience the more people that show respect and value for nature.

Pass on the word

It’s exciting for me to think about 100 mile holidays because it feels sustainable. More people could enjoy holidays because the cost would be less. We’d get a chance to see the places close to our homes in ways that before only tourists got to see. It would be excellent to be treated nicely in the luxury of a hotel or bed and breakfast. On the other hand it would also be nice to tent at a place that you were familiar with. Now for the best part, if you take a holiday and make friends or meet someone special you might be able to stay in touch because you both would be from the same area.

Are holidays for everyone?

I hope you think a little bit about this concept. Maybe you’ll consider travelling close to home. It’s good for the budget and healthy for the soul. Will you visit a water fall, a beach, a river or a small mountain. All of these can be seen close to my own home. I really enjoy visiting  places like this. There are great opportunities by vacationing close to home. If you would like to enjoy the area you live in more take a 100 mile holiday!


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