Growing Up With Empowering Beliefs

When I was a kid we were driving to camp… my grandma was driving because my parents were away. When we had ten minutes left of the trip we decided we didn’t want to go. We were nervous and I had major butterflies in my tummy. We went anyway. It was really fun. We got to know lots of other kids. We got to sail, do archery, do crafts, swim, row, canoe and many other things. The best part was the wonderful camp-fires.

I came away from this experience with several cultivated beliefs. Young people can be responsible. People can work as a team. I can make friends easily. Amazing experiences can happen to me. I can be really nervous and have a good experience doing something.

Remembering the good from the past

I was thinking about growing up. I was wondering what would happen if more therapeutic counsellors helped us recall what we learned from the good experiences. I have learned that if you put your attention on what you want to happen, those things will blossom. Why not try to learn from the experiences we really did have when we were passing through the milestones of going from toddler to child to youth to teen to young adult?

Sometimes there may be bad experiences that are taking up room in the psyche. I can see in this situation how sharing and re-working these memories can help so there is more room to remember the healthy experiences.

Respecting the learning stages

We grow up and learn things at different stages as developmental psychology would attest to. We go through learning tasks and it doesn’t make sense to repeat them all as adults. It’s good to spend a moment to remember what we learned when we rode a bike for the first time, bought our first pet or got our  first report card. It’s then that we may have felt empowered, that we can get ahead in life, that life can help guide us along the way. It’s these beliefs I want to reinforce in myself and invite you to spend some time thinking about.

I am disappointed with the healing literature that spends so much time on the negative beliefs. I’d like the healing literature to spend time exploring the learning of a life well lived.  That way a girl can grow up and be proud of herself. I know putting up rainbow wall paper in my bedroom when I was 13 was an empowering step. I know that babysitting for a summer that same year prepared me for other future work. I know that playing piano at that time helped me learn determination and perseverance. I like feeling a sense of success and those experiences helped me to get where I am today. A place where I can feel successful after accomplishing a goal.

Accepting my own life

I must admit I thought there were problems in my childhood and I wanted to talk about them with someone. I just really couldn’t remember it. I’d still like to talk about some of the similarities and differences between then and now but I’m coming to a point where I accept the life I have lived and really see that I had some amazing opportunities. I do like the freedoms in the experiences I have now too. Thanks nature, teachers, camp staff, friends and family. Live life!

About friendofsnowflake

It is my pleasure to welcome you to my Blog! My name is Melanie and my nic-name Snowflake as you may already know. I'm excited to share some of my ideas and writings with you. It's interesting how psychological concepts can make things a little clearer. I have a psychology degree from the University of Waterloo. It is my hope that I can share some knowledge with you. Some of my hobbies include playing piano, guitar, drawing and more recently beading. It also really interesting to recieve comments from the amazing people who read my Blog. I hope if you feel inclined that you will tell me a bit about yourself. I would like to think that some special time spent off the net is also important for you or me. In this time you could sing or dance or just sit with a book. In the mean-time it's nice to have met you because there is some quality time spent on the net. I hope you have had time to look at your favourite song or look up your favourite author. My favorite song is True Colour by Cyndi Lauper and my favourite author is Gretchin Rubin. I feel gratitude that I can write this Blog. I hope you come back and see what new Blog is here over time. In the mean time have a great day and stay you!

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