Book Launch Party For Mental Health

Flowers Grow and People Do Too

Let’s look on the bright side!

I didn’t know how it was going to go. I didn’t know who would be there. Thunderstorms preceded the entertainment. Would people still come?

The evening was full of discussion and talk about mental health. Several workers in the field were there. Supporters of people with difficulties were there as well as people learning more about their own mental health. There was a diverse crowd.

What was the Inspiring Highlight?

My highlight of the night was to watch the performers and how they talked openly about what gives them strength when dealing with their mental health. It was so neat to hear about their music and poetry which kept them strong and gave them a place to share. One of the four basic tips to help mental health is to express your feelings. Many people can do this through artistic endeavors, like these performers did.

I tried to let people know what they could expect in this book. I really wanted people to know why it was written. It is especially for those visiting the psychiatry floor in hospital as patients. It is a guide… almost like a workbook… that offers recovery stories and tools.

Looking on the bright side

It is possible to cope and get better. I want people to have hope. I want those lost to be found and those that felt like giving up to find hope. I want to reach back to those coming after me in the system to let them know that their experienced peers want to help and make a bad experience a little brighter.

I shared stories in the book. One of the stories I shared was how a friend brought a milk-shake to me. It was like finding water in the desert. This was neat and the friend happened to be at this book launch.

A spark of Interest

There were many people who couldn’t make it but we still filled the café. Some others were with us in spirit and others will buy books at a later date. I appreciate the interest many people have expressed regarding this book project.

I received some flowers and another beautiful gift of a bracelet. Thanks to my friends who could see how much hard work I had put into this project and how much it meant to me to do it. Friends observed my struggles and triumph as I put together this book, which I started a year ago, on helping those with mental health difficulties. Thanks for the enthusiasm and support.

My Family Takes a step forward

My parent had a chance to be proud of me. They shared how excited they were at the way I put this project together. They were happy that I spent so much of the book discussing positive aspects of recovery. It was neat for them to see me talk about mental health in this way instead of at a meeting with counselors. This way, they were happy for me not worried about me. It’s nice to give your parents a chance to glow!

What did the audience think?

It was a really interesting evening. The audience was silent at times and I found myself hoping they were taking this education seriously and would refer to it and the book when needed. One person was moved to tears. Another person quickly borrowed some money to buy a book. Still another person was delighted when he won one of the prizes.

An audience member, also a worker with mental health, mentioned how it was a starting place which we could move forward from. Maybe other hospitals would become interested. Maybe we would do a second copy and include more people’s expressions in art, prose and poetry. There is definitely potential with this book.

It is worth it!

For me it was just nice to open a door to discussion in this community about people’s experience at the hospital. It isn’t always the best place to try to get better. It was good to talk about what could help it be a better wellness facility. Community can help by caring, giving donations, supporting and being educated about the psychiatry floor in the hospital. We have a long way to go but we’ve given it a good start. Helping people recover is worth it.


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  1. Good Article, I think like you 🙂

    • Thanks for taking the time to read it. It’s great to find the positive in a difficult situation. I’m glad you found we have something in common. It’s nice to be a forward thinker. Keep thinking!

  2. Thanks for your interest in the Book Launch Party Blog. If people were as willing to be a part of the solution as you are then things would be good. Keep smiling!

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