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Taking a Break

Writing this blog has given me a lot to think about. I hope some of the readers go away with increased information and a little bit more hope for those with mental illness. I have written for about a year and am taking a little break now.

I hope those dealing with life’s difficult situations find some peace and love. I am happy so many people have read some of my work. It is my┬áhope people continue to read and learn. Maybe these writings could give some people some relief from their confusion and questioning. Others may be inspired to do their own writing and soul-searching.

My writing has improved through-out this time period and I am feeling more confident with the themes I write about. I have had a chance to share some of my thoughts and passionate beliefs here, for that I am truly thankful. What a great opportunity!

Thanks to Kelly Babcock for his supportive editing and his excellent photography. Thanks to my mom, Marie Knapp for her support and encouragement and comments. Thanks to my relatives who enjoy reading what I’ve written so we can feel that we have a greater understanding of one another. Thanks to the readers who learn and perhaps relate by reading some of the things written.

I may start back to the blog in several months. In the mean-time take good care of yourselves and spread the happiness around!






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