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Why did I write a book?

Let The Feelings Go.

May light and love bless you! © 2012 Kelly Babcock

Reading books has been a hobby of mine for most of my life. I’ve read a lot of self-help books especially. This may give you a hint of why I wanted to write my own book.

It all started back in 1999. I was hanging out with people who were interacting in spiritual ways where they were giving messages back and forth from a greater source of love and light. I was glad that they were kind messages and some of them were very insightful.  Read the rest of this entry


Dancing Poems

Poetry is like sunshine. © 2012 Kelly Babcock

Poetry is like sunshine.
© 2012 Kelly Babcock

To write a poem that helps people think through an issues is rewarding and motivating. To write a poem that helps people sense a touch of Heaven is also nice. To write poems that inspire others to write poems, now that is the first place ribbon. Read the rest of this entry

Enough of Decluttering; Use What you Have – (bonus post for April)

There are great works of literature helping us to discover how we can best declutter. We can have less. We can simplify. We can give our things to others in need. Basically we can live in an easier way with less stuff around us.  Okay. After we’ve done this it can seem a little desolate, a little empty, a little barren. Read the rest of this entry

New Year’s Resolutions – Part 2

©2010 Kelly Babcock

Celebrate the dance towards your goal
©2010 Kelly Babcock

In part 1 we discussed concepts that are fairly common for making successful resolutions. Some ideas were unique and may have caught your attention. In Part 2 we get deeper, bolder and smarter while still examining how resolutions are reached.

One Step closer

Resolutions affect us all in different ways. For some people, they come from a talk at a festive New years party, while for others, they are the focus on making some serious changes for the New Year. Don’t give up. We’ve just finished the first week of 2013. You’ve thought of a couple new resolutions or you have actually started following through. Push up your sleeves and tighten your shoe laces, it’s time to explore more about this phenomenon of achieving resolutions. Read the rest of this entry

Is it time to let go again? Part II

Letting Go ...

Letting Go …

In part I, we discussed letting go of negativity while embracing more positive energy. A number of tools were discussed that help me and could inspire others. It’s good to be aware of your own tools for raising positivity.

Qualities and Skills We Share

Letting go of what doesn’t work encompasses some forgiveness work. Most of all, I must forgive myself for having things not turn out exactly as I wanted. This requires flexibility. There are many positive outcomes to forgiveness when we are flexible. Once we let go and forgive we can be influenced by the great qualities our friends have cultivated in themselves. A person can inspire with the qualities they share.

A friend talks about comfort with herself. After I talk with her I sense a feeling of comfort too. Another friend uses flexibility in a skillful way. I feel a sense of possibility. Yet another friend uses consistency. I am motivated by this. Forgiveness has opened my heart in my friendships. Read the rest of this entry

What About Me?

A person that is referred to by a label like: schizophrenia, depression or bi-polar is seen as a set of symptoms explained by a certain psychological category. Not only is this demeaning but it is rude to see a person without the light of their characteristics and human qualities that have been forming and transforming since birth and maybe even before birth.

I referred to my label as the ‘s’ word for the longest time. (From Wikipedia – Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of thought processes and by poor emotional responsiveness.[1] Common symptoms include auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions, or disorganized speech and thinking, and it is accompanied by significant social or occupational dysfunction.) This definition scares me and leads me to have more symptoms just be reading the darn thing, no wonder I called it the ‘S’ word.

I tried to talk to people about the possibility that their could be some positivity, imagination and worth – in the schizophrenia I dealt with. This made me feel good. Some people were curious and interested. It was neat to tell people a bit about the different communications with nature, God and loved ones that aren’t physically here anymore. But due to some of the misunderstanding of symptoms and more than that the enormous amount of symptoms I feel at times it is not always positive. With the people who’s help I have reached out for lately, I have used the word schizophrenia more freely. I was hoping it would help me: come to terms with symptoms, lessen the amount of hearing unknown energies and relate better to others dealing with mental illness. Read the rest of this entry

There’s More to Music…Than You Think – Part 2


Views From A Guitar Playing Music Writer and ADHD Sufferer

... music is light for the soul ...

… music is light for the soul …

Music may well be among the first of my memories. I have a vivid recollection of sitting in a booth in a restaurant in the early sixties. I would have been less than four years old, but I remember that there was one of those table-top jukebox selectors on our table. My mother stuck a nickle into the slot (yes, a nickle, it was the sixties and a dime would buy a gallon of gas back then) and played The Singing Nuns 1963 hit, “Dominique.” What I learned that day in seeing my mother smile as she listened to her new favourite was that if I could make music I could please my mother. My life has been a quest, in one way or another, to please my mother. And so I’ve made music a large, though largely unprofessional, part of my life. It brings me the same happiness it brought her. But how? Read the rest of this entry

There’s More to Music…Than You Think – Part 1

... and the nusic played on ...

… and the nusic played on …

If music hath charms to sooth the savage breast, play on. Although that’s a bit of a mix … what we mean is that music is such a universal in our world that many great words have been penned in its praise.

Every culture we know has developed music in some form or another and there must be a reason for its global acceptance. From the moods of Beethoven to the wildly expressive Janice Joplin, from its early percussive beginnings to current electronic generation, music has been dressing for many emotional wounds, has salved many a desparate soul. Listening, creating and performing music are all effective in returning us to our belief in valuing humanity and refortifying our inner reserves.

Read the rest of this entry

Always Wanting More…

Is it true that people continually strive for more. More money, more enjoyment, more friendships, more work and best of all more talents. Are people ever satisfied that what they have is enough. Are they ever at peace with where they are in their journey in life?

I remember reading in one of my psychology classes that this concept is actually a trait that keeps us as humans evolving. We always want more and in this way are often motivated to get to greater knowledge, achievements and successes. Could it be actually a natural in-born characteristic to want more out of life? Read the rest of this entry

A Positive Look at Resting, Sleeping and Dreaming

I think, we all could use a little guidance.

I think, we all could use a little guidance.

Yes that cozy, wonderful, deep, replenishing sleep, can be yours, for only letting go of worries and feeling the warmth of your own bed.

It seems that sleep is important to us. There are times when we can’t get enough and times when we get too much. You may find however that if you know a little more about your sleeping habits then your concious brain can work with your unconcious and vice versa to create a delightful sleep.

I once got a book out of the library on sleep. It helped me understand the cycles of sleep and to know just what my body was doing while I was lying there. One thing our bodies do while we sleep is to repair tissues and rejuvinate energies. Another thing we do is work through the processes of the day and prepare for the day to come. Often our dreams will help us with this. Read the rest of this entry

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