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Dancing Poems

Poetry is like sunshine. © 2012 Kelly Babcock

Poetry is like sunshine.
© 2012 Kelly Babcock

To write a poem that helps people think through an issues is rewarding and motivating. To write a poem that helps people sense a touch of Heaven is also nice. To write poems that inspire others to write poems, now that is the first place ribbon. Read the rest of this entry


Solutions Verses Problems In Mental Health

lightenIt is the season for mental health advice. There are blogs, self-help books and magazines all around. It looks as though most of the information is about problems. The description of problems often includes labels and their definitions of different mental illnesses. They don’t even know exactly what mental health label each of us is dealing with?

Peter Pan convinces the children to fly by thinking happy thoughts. Maybe this fairy tale has a grain of wisdom in it. I think happy thoughts are beneficial to the child in all of us because even though we don’t physically fly, we can lighten our burdens with a positive outlook. It is my suggestion that people talking about positive thinking should talk about mental health problems less often and about mental wellness more often.

A Light In The Distance

When I began using coping skills to deal with mental health dilemmas I became smarter and funnier and more present. It occurred to me with my new skills there could be names for genius levels of thinking and problem solving and brain storming. Names to describe the good mental health. I’d like to call a person who looks at things differently, a person with advanced perspectives in wellness. I’d like to call a person with skills in brain storming, a person with advanced idea generation abilities. These are just a couple of the ways skills could be identified. Focusing on what we do well may indeed increase our abilities to do those things even better.

Striving towards something is satisfying. We can set our goals and priorities and stick to the course with our wellness. Yes, I’ve found this works, but we have to be careful when we travel this road. Different issues can come up even when we have a more positive outlook on mental health. We have to try not to get ahead of ourselves! The body assimilates information and emotions and learning in ways that all work together. If the person is not ready for advanced knowledge emotionally, their system may break down.

Balancing Mental Health

This is where I had trouble. I tried to become whole and complete and full of assimilated growth all at once in ways that were interesting but weren’t very practical. I had the courage to try something new. I had the positive thinking to get me through the activities. What I didn’t know was my limits, or how these things would affect me. Brain gym was one thing I tried. Too much, too fast, led me on quite a journey of major ups and downs and a lot of disappointments. Visualization led me to increased energy in dreaming and not the experience of putting things into everyday life. Counselling led me to have neat discussions but left me wanting to feel fixed after I expressed myself. Now that their isn’t the pressure of taking part in the actual therapies I can look back and use some of the beneficial parts of these therapies.

Identifying problems is important to some people. With clear ideas of the problems there can be an understanding and even a compassion that allows that problem to dissipate. Many people are glad to finally know what is wrong with them.

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally know what is right with us? How about Getting A’s in the area of mental health that could lead to motivation and inspiration across groups of people. Just what do we do well? Are you organized? Are you good at stress release? Do you care about other people?

Learning Never Ends

Talking about solutions can be pretty motivating in itself. Seeing a difference from one month to the next because of solutions put into practice is even better. Improving skills might feel too much like school, but what if we get to design our courses? It could be fun. We could excel in these courses because we were interested in picking them.

We could even build on our knowledge from when we were kids in school. We could study some more Shakespeare, try our hand at some mathematics and learn some new songs to sing. Who says education must only be for the youth? We could take a night school course. Or just remember the things we liked, keep learning about them.

Mental Wellness

Solutions, positive thinking, goals and education are all ideas for now and the future. They have been used before and can be used again. Let’s not talk as much about mental health problems that make people feel inferior but let’s talk about genius areas of mental health. Let’s face it, a depression or a bout of hallucinations can kick in some pretty amazing skills to help us face those symptoms. Just what are those skills we are learning? Can we take pride in those newly learned skills?

Some of the people I’ve been privileged to know with mental illness have shown these wellness skills. Some are extra-compassionate and excel at curiosity. Self-care is also an area of expertise for others. Humour is a skill some have and use as a great way to reach out.

I’m going to talk to some of my friends about their positive characteristics. The things that help them get through every day life and the things that they are admired for. These are solutions to problems. Our strengths help us with our weaknesses! It is time to listen, look and act on solutions, so more people can feel better and find relief from the focus on mental illness. Let’s talk mental wellness!

Is a change as good as a rest?

037aSome say a change is as good as a rest. After some exploration, I will share my own opinion as to whether there remains truth in this old adage at Christmas.

A change in Pace

Christmas is a great example of a time of change. It is a time when some people are off work. Groups and meetings are cancelled. During the holidays the pace of life changes.

People are out and about getting ready for Christmas. People that don’t celebrate Christmas will prepare for their own celebrations and rituals. Eventually the feasts and gift giving will take people’s attention at this festive time.  Is this better than a rest? Read the rest of this entry

There’s More to Music…Than You Think – Part 1

... and the nusic played on ...

… and the nusic played on …

If music hath charms to sooth the savage breast, play on. Although that’s a bit of a mix … what we mean is that music is such a universal in our world that many great words have been penned in its praise.

Every culture we know has developed music in some form or another and there must be a reason for its global acceptance. From the moods of Beethoven to the wildly expressive Janice Joplin, from its early percussive beginnings to current electronic generation, music has been dressing for many emotional wounds, has salved many a desparate soul. Listening, creating and performing music are all effective in returning us to our belief in valuing humanity and refortifying our inner reserves.

Read the rest of this entry

Getting Older

The road is a journey

The road is a journey – © 2012 Kelly Babcock

Is getting older the same as growing up. I think everyone gets older but who really grows up? Growing up would have to do with maturing, understanding, forgiving and maybe getting wiser. Getting older on the other hand might mean getting wrinkles, sore knees, a persistent cough and a feeling of having lived some of the best times.

Whether I am growing older or growing up I hope I can accept life as it affects me. I mean I hope that I can role with the signs of aging. Going with the flow is a lot healthier than fighting this natural progression. Read the rest of this entry

Getting Those Schizo Symptoms Under Control

There is the phenomenon of imagination and then with exaggeration you can come up with some wonderful stories and thoughts. Just what happens when these imaginings get ahead of you and you are in a whole big plot of spies and paranoia? Just what happens when the exaggerations makes your problems spin over and over in your head until even friends seem like enemies? Just what happens when your wonderful stories take on a life of their own and the characters start talking and the story seems bigger than you?

All of these schizo symptoms sadly have happened to me and friends of mine. There is hope though. They can be stopped with some good humour, a little change in perspective and smart use of metaphors. Read the rest of this entry

After Forgiveness


Let The Feelings Go.

Let the feelings go – © 2012 Kelly Babcock

I read an unusual idea lately from an author I frequently read named SARK. She said something about that if she forgives her mother then what will she do with all of her time? This is interesting because once we forgive people we no longer negotiate with them in our minds. We no longer hold bad moods in their name. We no longer put them down in front of others and we no longer criticize them. Once we forgive people that’s all. We just live and let live.

So what happens after forgiveness. I often assume that the bond gets closer but maybe that’s where things might stay the same but the negative feelings are less and grudges are no longer held. At this point their is extra time and space. This would make many people happy. It would give more possibilities of a life lived well.

So just what is a life lived well… what happens when we no longer complain about people? A variety of things could happen like good experiences, good relationships and good education. These all aren’t good unless we put effort into these aspects of our lives. We can plan, reflect, learn communication skill, learn to increase our love and we can read, read and read. We can apply what we learn to our lives and can find that we can live with more honesty, depth and compassion. If we’re not held back by non-forgiveness we can grow.

What a beautiful and important part of the human existance is the concept of growth. We learn from our past and we use this knowledge in our present and in planning for our future. We no longer make the same mistakes… we go past our previous limitations and we find that some of the waters are smooth and meant for us to sail in. Read the rest of this entry

What Forgiveness Can Mean

Every little social faux pas... forgive again and again!

Every little social faux pas…forgive again and again!

Sometimes it’s the right time to forgive. It’s time to put aside grudges, let go of expectations and feel your heart beating wildly when you hear the word forgive. I believe we have like an in-box category of items to forgive and as it starts to fill up we feel more angry or afraid or hurt. If we regularly take a look at that in-box category we can keep the items down in number thereby leaving more room to live our lives with positive emotions, feelings and a sense of trust.

Forgiveness can help us with our health and lead others to try and forgive as well. If we forgive the little things then it becomes easier to forgive the bigger things. Forgiving can lead to greater feelings of love. With abilities to love in a variety of ways we are showing eachother that we deserve attention and kindness and that we care about one another.

Forgiveness helps us with our health because in areas of our body we carry with us the hurt and pain from previous interactions. Once we are able to forgive and see that people are just human and that we push people’s buttons and they push ours. We make mistakes and so do others and we all have our own opinions. Once we see that people are just doing the best at the place where they are then we know that even our bodies loosen up and we can feel healthier and happier and more willing to be kind, friendly and gentle.

Once we have forgiven we can spend time thinking about other things. It is important to ponder what happens after forgiveness. We can see some aspects of people that was covered by our hurt or anger and we can see the ways that people are so interesting, vulnerable and human. We can experiment with our love and the way it affects different people in a variety of ways. We can feel loved and happy for the good ways we are treated. I’m sure there is much more we can do once we have forgiven but that’s up to you and me to think of after we have let go of our angers and hurts and feel the grace of forgiveness.

A Positive Look at Resting, Sleeping and Dreaming

I think, we all could use a little guidance.

I think, we all could use a little guidance.

Yes that cozy, wonderful, deep, replenishing sleep, can be yours, for only letting go of worries and feeling the warmth of your own bed.

It seems that sleep is important to us. There are times when we can’t get enough and times when we get too much. You may find however that if you know a little more about your sleeping habits then your concious brain can work with your unconcious and vice versa to create a delightful sleep.

I once got a book out of the library on sleep. It helped me understand the cycles of sleep and to know just what my body was doing while I was lying there. One thing our bodies do while we sleep is to repair tissues and rejuvinate energies. Another thing we do is work through the processes of the day and prepare for the day to come. Often our dreams will help us with this. Read the rest of this entry

Are roles safe or captivating?

How is your identity defined by your roles?

How is your identity defined by your roles?
c 2012 Kelly Babcock

There are many types of roles in our society. Just to name a few there is mother, parent, supporter, client, wounded one, heroic one, rescuer, emotional one, worker, boss etc. These roles give definition to who we are. We become more of the role we are in. This is all fine and well if you enjoy playing a certain role but isn’t it freeing and interesting to notice that it is possible to break free and take on a different role.

Sometimes we can’t break free because we are so well-known in the role we are part of. We feel safe in this role and we are sure that there would be an uproar if we tried on a different hat. Try going from sun hat to motorbike hat. It can be a change in character to try out a different role. Maybe we grew up with the sun hat… so it is easier to play that part. We know what that part entails. On the other hand the part of motor bike helmet is a hat we are not sure of so we don’t know how to act and can easily fall back to the sun hat role.  It must be noted however their can be great freedom in trying on a new role that is wildly different form previous roles. Read the rest of this entry

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