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A Common Characteristic; Observing Others

Remember the silver lining.

It’s nice to observe the sunset.

Those with mental health difficulties may find themselves on the sidelines watching life as it goes by. I know, I for one, sometimes find that I am the quiet one observing all the activity around me. Read the rest of this entry


Often, The Less Medication The Better

Sunny days are here.

Sunny days are here.

Although we often don’t have the choice of whether to take a medication or not, we might have the choice as to how much and how often. It is my experience that my body works better if I am not overly sedated. This means that I take a low dose of medication and do other things like walking, creative writing and eating  healthy fruits to keep my body from slowing down too much.

Staying in control

At times we are given a choice about medication. It is good when this happens. A person, then is in control of what goes into their own body, and might feel more empowered because of this.

When a choice is given especially with PRN’s (medication taken only when needed) then I encourage people to excercise their rights to say ‘NO!’. I hope people recognize that it really is okay to say ‘NO’ to medication then you can ask for other tools to get symptoms under control. You may be able to access a whole bunch of beneficial activities. Read the rest of this entry

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